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Spices & Herbs

Black pepper-

Stimulates the digestive process and relieving nausea, it encourages the absorption of other nutrients, spices, and herbs also.


It helps to reduce mucous production, and stimulates digestion and enhances fat metabolism. Cardamom reduces all three doshas and being sweet after digestion, it rejuvenates the system.


It helps in the assimilation of nutrients into the tissues of the body. It also enhances sugar metabolism. According to Ayurveda, it controls both vata and kapha, without aggravating pitta unless it is consumed in excess.


Turmeric has many useful therapeutic qualities, including, anti-oxidant, anti-tumoral, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-hyperlipidemic, and insect repellent effects. It is very useful in cancer as it improves the anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties of nitric oxide and increases the anti-cancer properties of other phytonutrients.


Ginger is an excellent remedy for digestive problems, such as flatulence, nausea, indigestion, intestinal infections and certain types of food poisoning. It also relieves headaches, nausea, rheumatism, and colds and is analgesic. It is used both internally and topically.


It support the body's anti-clotting mechanism in arteries and veins, help in the treatment of high cholesterol and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and hypoglycemic action.


Triphala is a botanical formula that contains three different ayurvedic herbs. Triphala offer antioxidant effects and strengthen the immune system, while researches shows that the herbs lower cholesterol levels and suppress the growth of certain types of cancer cells.

Guggul (commifora mukul)-

Guggul has a remarkable ability to support balanced cholesterol levels. Guggul also supports healthy thyroid function, ‘scrapes’ fat, and improves meda dhatu agni (the metabolic principle within adipose tissue).


This ayurvedic herb aid in the treatment of several inflammation-related conditions, including ulcerative colitis, asthma, and arthritis.

Shatavari( Asparagus )-

Shatavari is best known as a female rejuvanitive. It is useful for infertility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, leucorrhea and has the ability to balance pH in the cervical area.



Papaya used for treating digestive problems and intestinal worms. It is a remedy for flatulence, liver disorders and infection of the pancreas, as well as for gastrointestinal problems and enzyme deficiencies.


Orange is rich source of vitamin C and beta-carotene which are powerful antioxidants. It clears the channels of the body, clarifies the blood vessels, cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and helps in relieving indigestion, abdominal pain, worm infestation and colic pain.


Pomegranate is uses as traditional remedy against diarrhea, dysentery and intestinal parasites. The seeds and juice are considered a tonic for the heart, throat and eyes, in addition to being used for a variety of purposes, such as stopping nose bleeds and gum bleeds, toning the skin, firming-up sagging breasts and treating hemorrhoids.


Avocado is employed in Ayurvedic healing as a skin tonic and for reducing bad cholesterol and chronic constipation; boosting libido, regulating insulin secretion, fighting against free radicals, enhancing ojas (strength, endurance and brilliance); and for treating alopecia, insomnia and joint pain.


Amla is the best among rejuvenative herbs."The nutritional facts of Amla include bioflavonoids, flavones, polyphenols and carotenoids. It is the richest natural source of vitamin C available on this planet


Nuts are considered an important part of the vegetarian diet, as they supply fiber, minerals, and vitamins


Almonds are nutrient dense and great cholesterol lowering food. The presence of powerful nutrients like proteins, dietary fiber, monounsaturated fatty acids [MUFA] and Vitamin E make almonds a rich diet source for combating degenerative diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases.


Anti-oxidant properties present in Walnuts helps in preventing cancer and lowering bad cholesterol. To improve the functioning of brain cells, Walnuts is very useful. Add some Walnuts to the daily diet for having effective weight management benefits.


The nuts' richness in copper, magnesium, and B vitamins, work to strengthen the immune system thus, preventing a number of diseases. Conditions like type 1 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, erectile dysfunction, stroke, dementia, allergies, arthritis, other immune problems, etc., can be prevented or treated to some extent with the regular consumption of these nuts.

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